Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get paid for my items? 
  • Cash balances of $100 or less can be picked up at the store anytime. We offer a direct deposit system called Simple Pay. Direct deposit payments are processed on the 1st of every month for account balances of $50 or more. The money hits your account in 2-4 business days, depending on your bank. The fee for this is $2.50. 

  • What if my items don’t sell? 
  • We can arrange to donate the items for you or you can pick the items up. You just need to call us about a week before your items expire to let us know you want to pick them up. If we don’t hear from you when your items expire, we automatically donate them to Thrifty Threads that benefits the Julian Center (Women’s shelter in Indianapolis). In addition to donating items, occasionally we sell expired items at discounted prices and use that money for ReSource. 

  • What is ReSource? 
  • ReSource is the name of Amanda’s clothing and supplies giving program, to local underserved youth. We receive referrals from schools and churches and offer hygiene & feminine products & gift cards to shop at Amanda’s Exchange for clothing, free of cost to the students. 

  • Is ReSource a 501c company? Can I get a tax deduction if I donate products? 
  • At this time, ReSource is not a 501c company. It’s simply a way for us to support those in need in our community.

  • How much can I consign at one time? 
  • We prefer that clothing arrive on hangers (we will return your hangers to you) because it makes the process much more efficient. If you have the items in tubs-we request that you limit it to two regular size tubs. **We do not accept items in trash bags

  • What brands do you accept? 
  • We accept better brands to designer labels. We do not accept clothing from discount stores such as Kohls, Walmart, Old Navy, Shein, Target etc. 

  • What are your store hours: 
  • Mon-Fri 10-8; Sat 10-6 & Sun 12-6

  • What are your consigning hours: 
  • Mon- Thurs 10-6; Fri 10-5 & Sun 12-5

  • Do you charge any consigning fees or set up fees? 
  • We do not. There is no cost to you to consign. The only fee we charge you is $2.50 fee for direct deposit, which is the same amount we are charged from SimplePay. 

  • Can I get a check for my items? 
  • We do not offer check payouts. Consignors can pick up cash payments of $100 or less in store or we offer direct deposit for all account balances of $50 or more. 

  • What kind of children’s items do you accept? 
  • Boutique clothing and accessories. We do not offer consignment on cribs, strollers, or nursing items. As well as, not accepting items from discount stores such as, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target etc.

  • How long have you been in business? 
  • We opened our original store in March of 2002 and expanded to have 3 locations in Carmel. In 2015, we combined those 3 Carmel locations into one store which is Amanda’s Exchange. 

  • Do you accept/sell men’s clothing? 
  • We do not at this location. We have a men’s store called Newman & Co in Broad Ripple that offers men’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and home goods.  

  • How do I consign large furniture? 
  • Visit our website and fill out a furniture approval form that is under the HOW TO CONSIGN tab. It will have you answer several questions about your item and upload pictures. Amanda will follow up with you within approximately 48 hours to let you know if the item is something we can consign, as well as give you a price estimate. 

  • Does Amanda’s pick up the furniture? 
  • We do not offer pick up. Consignors are welcome to bring the item themselves or we can recommend a mover. We do ask that you have someone to help unload the items. 

  • When do you accept each season? 
  • Spring starts Jan 15

    Summer starts Feb 15

    Fall starts July 15

    Winter starts Aug 1

    Halloween Decor starts Sep 1

    Christmas Decor starts Oct 1

  • Does Amanda’s offer consignment on prom dresses? 
  • We no longer offer consignment on prom dresses. 

  • Does Amanda’s offer consignment on wedding dresses? 
  • We do not accept wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses.

  • How do I know if my items have sold? 
  • When you set up your consignment account in the store, we will send you an email to set up an online account where you can check the status of your items. You can also see how much money is on your account as well as when your items will expire. Through this portal is also where you will set up your direct deposit information. Amanda’s Exchange does NOT have access to your bank account information. 

  • Why do you need my drivers license information? 
  • The state of Indiana requires we collect identification information from everyone exchanging and selling goods for proof of ownership. Also, for the security of your account, we require identification for all account payouts. 

  • Why does Amanda’s charge $2.50 to process direct deposit? 
  • The bank charges us $2.50 for each direct deposit transaction we do, therefore we pass that exact fee on to you as a consignor.  

  • Why can’t I pick up large cash balances in the store? 
  • Amanda’s Exchange processes a high volume of cash payouts every day. For the safety of our employees, we keep a limited amount of cash in the store. Simple Pay direct deposit is the safest, quickest and most efficient way to receive your payments. 

  • What is your address? 
  • Amanda’s Exchange Newman & Co (men’s consignment)

    715 E Carmel Dr 720 E 65th St  (65th & College)

    Carmel 46032 Indianapolis  (Broad Ripple)

    317-573-4400 317-253-2533

  • Do you post everything online (on website)
  • Not everything gets posted onto our website, we only post about 5% off our merchandise online.  We add 3000-6000 items to our floor a week. 

  • How does your rewards program work? 
  • For every $25 you spend (pre-tax) you receive a point. After you accumulate 20 points, you earn $25 in store credit that you will have to use all at once. 

  •  Are all sales final? 
  • Yes, all sales are final. Due to the nature of our business, when an item sells, the consignor’s account is immediately credited for said sale of their merchandise. They can pick up their account money at any time so we cannot offer returns. We do ask that you examine your items carefully before purchasing since all items are secondhand. Of course, if we’ve mis-represented the item, we are happy to discuss the options we can give our customers. 

  • What can I expect if I sign up for your email list? 
  • Amanda’s sends out a weekly email with information about promotions, events, sales and consigning. We do not sell your information.