Get the Most out of your Consignment

Get the Most out of your Consignment

June 19, 2024

So you made a pile of clothing to get rid of… what now?

  1. Wash it! We ask that all of the clothing you bring in be freshly laundered and wrinkle free (to the best of your abilities). While some large resale stores offer laundry service, we are a small business and do not have that capacity. Areas to triple check include armpits and crotches. Also, please be mindful of pet hair on clothing. We love our furry friends but we want everyone to feel welcome in our store. If we see any areas of opportunity, we might ask you to launder your items and bring them back, so it’s best to get it done beforehand! 
  2. Are the items in your pile recent? We try to accept items that are no more than 4 years old. Of course there are exceptions, such as desirable vintage items. Did you know that many brands have a date tag in them? That is a great tool to pre-sort your clothing.
  3. If you’re able, hang your items (don’t worry, we can give your hangers back). By hanging your items on our carts, you help keep your clothing wrinkle free, we are able to look at items quicker, and the items tend to look better. 
  4. Take a peek at our website or take a walk around the store. Not only will you get a feel for the kinds of items we take, but you can also get a feel for how we price items. 

All in all, a good rule of thumb is thus: the better it looks to us, the more likely we are to take it. And the better it looks on the floor, the better it will sell. Get the most out of your trip to Amanda’s Exchange! 

Not sure where to start? Check out Amanda’s guide to renewing your wardrobe.